Microbial Products for ETP/STP

BioTreat – Advance Microbial Technology for Biological Treatment

Bioremediation is gaining utmost importance worldwide due to its safety in implementation and enrichment of the environment. Effective utilization of waste and its conversion is only possible through this process. Advance Microbial Technology has been proved its effectiveness in controlling pollution in STP/ETP systems.
“BioTreat” is a proprietary blend of carefully selected naturally occurring enzyme producing microorganisms. It is a balanced formula of different microbial strains, which work synergistically to lower the toxicity level in the system and create healthier and better environment in your aeration systems. BioT is in a highly concentrated form and contains above 5x109 microbial cells per gram. The initial dose will start your population of bio- degrading bacteria and the repeat doses will top up the population to deal with continued flow of organic nutrients in the plant. These microbes use the polluting organic matter in the STP/ETP effluent stream as a food source, and convert it into the safe by products such as water, carbon dioxide and other gases.

Advantage of BioTreat

  • No Chemical 100% nature
  • Eco Friendly
  • 109 Bacterial cells/per gram
  • Reduce Toxic level
  • Reduce BOD & COD level
  • Fast degrading capacity.
  • High Salt Tolerances
  • 50 to 75g for 100M3/day

Our Products Available 

  • BioT-Sew for Sewage Effluent
  • BioT –Tan for Tannery Effluent
  • BioT –Tex for Textile Effluent
  • BioT –Pap for Paper Mill Effluent
  • BioT –Pha for Pharmaceutical Effluent

Quantity Details for Biomass Development

Dosage: The “BioTreat” dosage is arrived based on the organic load of effluent like BOD, COD, quantity of effluent, aeration tank size, retention time, and type of aerator.
Initial Dosage: 8 to 10 kg/ 100M3 for Stabilization of Biomass.
Repeated Dosage: 50 to 75g /100M3 per day for Biomass maintains.

Aeration Tank - Biological Treatment

Bacterial Biomass

Final Treated Effluent