Drinking Water

Agricultural Water

Building Curing Water

Special Package Testing

S.No. Package Category Total Number of Tests Package Type
1 Basic Water Test 23 Package I
2 Essential Industrial Effluent Test 28 Package II
3 Drinking Water Test – II 13 Package III-b
4 Drinking Water Test – III 15 Package III-c
5 Building Construction Water Test 8 Package IV
If any Clarification regarding the package details call us @ 98429-65753 or mail us. We will send the Our Package Test details & pricing details.

Other specialized Tests for Industrial Application

  • Identification of Blue Green Algae/ Phytoplankton from Water/wastewater.
  • Isolation and Identification of bacteria from Effluent/waste water,
  • Estimation of Minimum Inhibition Concentration (MIC Test) for disinfecting products (Bio-sides/Chlorine base products).
  • Food and Microorganisms (FM) ratio in Aeration Tank.
  • Estimation of Sludge Volume Index (SVI)

Prompt and Courteous Service

Our courteous and efficient staffs enjoy the opportunity to work directly with our clients. Please contact us and let us know how we can meet your service needs.
We will work with you one - on - one and provide advice on

  • Type of test to order
  • Advice on water treatment options
  • Obtaining additional information regarding water treatment and tesing.

Timely Results

  • Basic and essential testing results are available in approximately 48 hrs. except BOD results
  • Bacteria testing results are available 72 hrs after samples are submitted.