Student Project and Training

AWE CARE - Student Research Projects (M.Sc & M.Phil) and Training

AWE CARE, we engage in latest biotechnology research projects and also develop bio-technology solutions that fit the needs of industrial community. We share our knowledge and experience in bio-technology with university students and other qualified people through specially designed training programs, M.Sc and M.Phil Research Projects. We also take biology Students as interns in our funded projects. Experienced and Knowledgeable biologists & advanced laboratory equipments are the backbone of our service.

Student Research Projects Focus on

Isolation & Characterization. - Bio-degradable bacterial strains. - Bioremediation & Probiotics. - Mutagenesis & Adaptation - Pharmaceutical Microbiology - Screening of Natural drugs - Characterization of Drug Resistance – New Drug formulation against Chronic Diseases, Secondary Metabolites - Purification of Protein and Enzymes – Environmental Biology-Plant Biotechnology - Plant Stress & Bio-inputs, Hydroponics technology, Human Probiotics, and any life science category ect.,


M.Sc., Project Students 2017-2018

Summer Training - 2018

Summer Training - 2016

Summer Training - 2015

Summer Training - 2014

PCR Training