Drinking Water

Agricultural Water

Building Curing Water

Types of water we test

  • Industrial Effluent (Textile, Tannery, Paper, Dairy ect., )
  • Ground Water (Well & Bore Water), Surface Water (River, Lake and Pond Water)
  • Drinking Water (Schools, Colleges, Private Homes and Business sectors)
  • Industrial Processing Water, Boiler Water, cooling Tower water,
  • Food court, Food processing industries and hotels.
  • Sewage Effluent (STP Water)
  • RO Water, Packed Drinking Water
  • Building Construction Water
  • Irrigation Water
  • Swimming Pool Water
  • Livestock Feed Water (Cattle farm, Hatcheries ect.,)

Common Test

  • Physical & Chemical Properties – e.g pH, EC, Turbidity, COD, BOD ect.,
  • Minerals Test – e.g TDS, Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium ect.,
  • Metals Test – e.g Chromium, Iron ect.,
  • Bacteria Test – e.g Coliforms, E.coli, Staphylococcus sp. ect.,

Testing list

Drinking & Construction Package


Individual Testing


Package Testing - awecare