Student Training programme Focus on

S. No Training mode & Topics Training Duration Topic Highlights
1 Mode 1: Electrophoresis, Chromatography and Enzyme Purification. 4 Days Gravity Chromatography, Ion Exchange, Gel Filtration, DNA Separation, Protein Quantitative SDS PAGE, Blotting Techniques, Bacterial Enzyme Purification ect,.
2 Mode 2: Microbial Biotechnology and Nano Technology. 4 Days DNA Purification, Bacterial Mutation, Strain Characterization, SNP Synthesis, Purification, Stability Assessment ect,. 
3 Mode 3: Screening of Secondary Metabolites and Phyto-chemical Analysis. 4 Days Compound Separation- Chromatography, Compound Purification, Compound Identification, Quantitative and Quality Assessment using, UV Spec., and Flam Photometer ect,.
4 Mode 4: Bio-Fertilizer and Mushroom Cultivation - 3 Days Isolation, Identification, Mass Production, Quality Assessment, Mother Spawn Preparation, Mushroom Cultivation, Quality Testing – Protein, Carbohydrate ect.
5 Spirulina Production and Application 3 Days Isolation, Identification, Mass Cultivation, Quality Assessment – nutrient analysis.
6 Mode 5: Summer Training
Microbial and Molecular Techniques
15 Days Chromatography, Electrophoresis, Bacterial Genetics, Purification of protein and DNA, Strain Characterization, Screening of Secondary Metabolites, SNP, ect., 

Eligibility for Student Research Projects and Training

The Candidates who have studying their B.Tech., B.Sc.,/ M.Tech., M.Sc.,/ M.Phil.,/ in Biotechnology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Botany, Zoology or other Life Sciences stream from a recognized University.

Instruction for the Applicants

  • We enrol limited number of students for M.Sc., Research Projects and Training Programmes, first come first preference.
  • We could also provide free accommodation in same premise.
  • We give individual attention to each student during the training/projects.
  • Technical skills and experience gained with us will increase student’s employment and self confidences.
  • Study material and certificates will be provided to trainees.

Laboratory Highlights

  • 100% wet lab experiences.
  • 3000 Square feet working carpet area.
  • Free Wi-Fi Connection.
  • Centralized AC Working Hall.
  • Hi-Tech Instrumentation
  • Qualified Staffs
  • Free Accommodation