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Safe, clean water is important to all residents, Schools and Industrial Sectors. The AWE CARE Water Testing Laboratory through the environmental service section has been testing Water/Effluent Quality in the province for more than 14 years.

Using state of the art equipment, a team of highly skilled and dedicated technicians perform more than 60 different tests on a variety of water samples. AWE CARE has the capability to determine the physical, chemical and microbiological properties and quality of water, waste water and effluents.
AWE CARE Research Laboratories water testing division specializes in Industrial Waste water Testing. In addition, we also provide testing for Industrial water, house hold water, hospitals, schools, food court, hotels, food processing industries, colleges, municipalities, health department, well drilling companies, engineering and agricultural groups.

The tests procedures being used are in accordance with Indian Standard (IS) and International Standard (APHA) methods. AWE CARE got ISO 9001:2015 accreditations from TUV-SUD South Asia Private Limited and also a Central Pollution Control Board (CPB) and Pollution Control Board (PCB) acceptable laboratory.

Need of Drinking Water Test

The importance of a water test is to know what contaminants are in your water so that you can treat it properly. Poor water quality has an effect on not only your drinking water, but on water used in a variety of household functions. Contaminated water used for cooking may affect your health, while an excess of certain minerals can affect the organ systems as well as hamper cleaning activities in your laundry or bathroom.

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