Microbial Products for Aqua Culture

Probiotic for Advance Pond Management  

Microbial biotechnology has been proved its effectiveness in controlling pollution in aquatic eco systems. It is necessary to remove the pollutants like dead planktons, faecal matter, which forms the organic waste that gets settled at the bottom of the pond. This leads to sludge formation and gives rise to various toxic gases like CH4, H2S, NO2 and NH3.

Pond sludge is a problem that can be unsightly in ponds. Waste from plants and fish create the sludge on the pond base along with uneaten fish food and any other organic matter that finds its way into the pond. This sludge will rot it left unattended and cause oxygen problems in the pond along with harbouring many fish diseases. The bacteria in AWE-microbial Products consume the pond sludge leaving the pond a clean and healthy environment for prawn and shrimp.

AWE-microbial products are a probiotic blend of bacteria that will keep pond healthy and free of filamentous algae and pond sludge. Products are in a highly concentrated form and contains above 5x1012 microbial colonies per ml. It is a unique blend of carefully selected naturally occurring micro organisms. Awe-products are is a balanced formula of different microbial strains, which work synergistically to lower the toxicity level in the pond and create a healthier and more beneficial environment for fish and prawn. The initial dose will start your population of good bacteria and the repeat doses will top up the population.

Key Features of AWE Microbial Products

  • Eco friendly Advance pond care
  • Built in sludge destroyer
  • Control filamentous algae
  • No chemical 100% natural

Advantage of Awe-Microbial Products

  • Quick in action and high salt tolerances.
  • Prevents and treats over blooming of algae.
  • Enhances aerobic utilization and removal of pond bottom sludge.
  • Stabilizes oxygen levels and Reduce water exchange.
  • Allows higher stocking density.
  • Bring down the noxious gases (H2S, NO2 and NH3).
  • Improves water quality, culture health, survivability and profits.

Our Products Available 

  • AWE-PM (Pond Management) 
  • AWE-SB (Sludge Buster)
  • AWE-BS (Bio Starter)


Dosage: Dosage is dependent on the organic level, the water volume and stocking density. Dosage and time can be adjusted based on prevailing culture conditions or as advised by the aquaculture consultant.
Initial Dosage: 8 to 10 L/ Hectare
Repeated Dosage: 4 to 6 L every 20 - 30 days/Hectare

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